Welcome to Housecheck on Cape Cod

Cell:774-353-6638                  Email: WJF418@Gmail.com
"We're your eyes when you're away" 
"We're your eyes when you're away"
  • Why Housecheck on CapeCod?  We are fully insured and have vast experience with home repair and maintenance.  We strive to provide you with peace of mind that your home is fine when you're away!

  • We recommend every house have a monitored security, fire, low temperature, and water detection system.  Call us for more info...
 Cell:     774-353-6638                            Email:  WJF418@Gmail.com
  • Housecheck of CapeCod is a physical inspection of your home.  We check both the inside and outside for open windows or doors, plumbing leaks, signs of forced entry, rodents, and siding ...especially after a storm!

  • Housecheck on CapeCod can also arrange for a repairman to fix whatever problems you may have, and we can meet with your repairman to give them access to your home.  We can also be your contact for your alarm company.